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Car Wash Operations


Once your wash is built, it's time to put it in operation and start making money.  The type of wash you have will dictate the amount of time, energy and manpower required to operate it successfully.  A simple self serve/automatic may be operated by the owner alone or perhaps 1 or 2 additional employees.  An Express Tunnel will have 5-10 employees and a Full Service Tunnel over 40 employees.  The more complex the operation, the more operations preparation the owner should make prior to opening.


There are several areas you will need assistance with if this is your first car wash.  Equipment operations, employee management, accounting, training and maintenance are a few areas that require immediate attention.  Most of this training will come from your car wash equipment supplier, and some may come from manufacturer training courses directly.  Prior to opening the wash, you will want the basic framework of your operations worked out.  After opening, your supplier will spend several days with you refining your operations and conducting training.


As your car wash is being built, HPWS can help you prepare for operations.



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