Development, Design and Construction of a Car Wash






Once a site has been analyzed and determined desirable by the investor, the following tasks should be accomplished simultaneously, in relatively short order:

• Develop a Business Plan

• Execute a Contract to Purchase the site…Contingent upon the investor receiving financing and final project approval from the jurisdiction.





• Initiate the Funding Process (Pre-funding qualification expedites this process)

• Draft a Preliminary Site Layout

• Complete the city approval process





• Complete the site survey






• Complete an environmental survey if needed






• Obtain a Soils Report






• Specify the Vehicle Wash Equipment

• Earnest Contract Executed with Equipment Supplier

• Interview/Select Architect/Engineers





• Interview/Select Building Contractor(s)





• Appraisal Process


• Final Building and Site Design

• Final Equipment Specifications

• Final Project Cost Estimates to Include:

1) Land Purchase

2) Building & Site Construction

3) Vehicle Wash Equipment

4) Building Permit Fees

5) Water and Sewer Tap Fees

6) Electrical Service Fees

7) Natural Gas Service Fees

8) Drainage, Street & Other Impact Fees

9) Construction Loan Fees & Interest

10) Appraisal Fees

11) Construction Contingency




• Receive Funding Approval

• Construction Loan Executed

• Building Permits Obtained

• Building Site Improvement Contract Executed

• Wash Equipment Contract Executed

• Building and Site Improvements Completed

• Wash Equipment Installation Completed

• Certificate of Occupancy Issued




• Soft Opening

• Ongoing Equipment Adjustment

• Building/Site Punch List Completed

• Initial Marketing, Mailers, Newspaper Ads etc…



• Usually on Weekend

• Timed with Mailers and Advertisement

• Promotions, Discounts, Food/Simple Entertainment

• Invitation of Select Attendees



• Continued Equipment Adjustment & Maintenance

• Soap & Chemical Services

• Warranty Period





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