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Site Survey for Eco Express

In order to do detailed design, you must first know every detail about the dirt upon which you are building your wash.  This includes the exact dimensions, locations of underground utilities, and any legal issues or easements that exist with the piece of ground.  This process is completed by a surveying company which researches the legal history of the site, and performs detailed on-site measurements in three dimensions.  The final product forms the basis for your car wash plans.


Our site survey was fairly predictable, but yielded several issues which we had to tackle.  The original legal description upon which we made our land contract turned out to be incorrect.  It had a scrivener’s (scribe) error from when it was originally plated, so we had to work with the title company and city to make the correction.  We also learned from the survey there were extra electrical lines running under the property, as well as an easement which didn’t come up on the original title search.  This required working with the utility company to develop a plan to relocate the lines, and negotiate with several parties to eliminate the easements.


As a side note, any time you see the word ‘city’ think ‘writing a check’.  It seems as though any service the city provides requires some fee to be paid, the amount of which may seem arbitrary and capricious.  They probably are, but it’s just part of the process.