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Soils Report for Eco Express

During any construction project, you may run into a variety of soils.  Clay, sand, bedrock and expansive soils can all impact the construction of the wash.  They affect the depth and type of foundation footers, the amount of compaction that will be necessary during construction, and mitigation steps for unstable ground.  An engineering company will take several bore hole samples across the site to determine the its suitability for the proposed building and layout.  For example bore holes under the foundation of the building will be much deeper than those in the parking lot.  Besides soil type, they will also check for the water table level.  If close to the surface, a high water table level can complicate placement of underground tanks such as sand traps and reclaim tanks.


Our soil report was fairly simple and but surpassed 100 pages in length!  Our site was fairly benign with no surprises and firm ground for the foundations.