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Car Wash Electronics Repairs


Our experienced staff of technicians stands ready to repair and maintain your Rowe and Hamilton bill changers.  Their extensive suite of diagnostic equipment coupled with a full inventory of parts allows them to complete repairs quickly, typically within 96 hours.


We also repair other electronic equipment such as timers, coin acceptors, and circuit boards.   Rental components such as validators, transports, payout modules are also available while your components are being serviced.






Repair Rates


Rowe  BA-50 Transport Overhaul

Rowe Coin Dispensor, Boards

Rowe Hoppers, Power Supplies

Hamilton HVX, HV7, XE, STA Validators

Hamilton Hopper

Timemaster  Standard Repair

MicroCoin  Standard Repair

Computer boards, stackers, etc. + Parts

Diagnostic Fee Per Hour*

(A diagnostic fee is charged on items requiring troubleshooting where no fault is found and repairs are not necessary)

Vandalism or heavily salted units will automatically receive an estimate prior to work being done.


Rental units are available for BA-50, HVX, Timemaster, CoinCo, MicroCoin, Control Boards, Stackers, and Hoppers.  Call for availability.


Please note full line customers receive priority service.


When shipping electronics to HPWS for repair, please send "Attention:  Electronics Department".  Print off and include this Form so we know what to repair, and how to return it to you.


 Full Line Customers         Ala Carte Customers

$105 + Parts                     $145 + Parts

$95 + Parts                       $117 + Parts

$95+ Parts                        $117 + Parts

$95+ Parts                        $117 + Parts

$95 + Parts                       $117 + Parts

$95 + Parts                       $117 + Parts

$110 + Parts                     $117 + Parts

$95 + Parts                       $117 + Parts

$100                                 $170


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