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Microcoin Electronic Coin Acceptor


Microcoin QLThe Microcoin QL electronic coin validator is the latest release from Australian-based coin validation experts, Microsystem Controls Pty Ltd.


This coin acceptor is a high speed, multi-coin, field programmable device.


It is designed to operate in any coin-operated application, ranging from Vending to Carwash.


For "front-entry" applications, the Microcoin QL can be provided with its own mounting faceplate, offering a modern, stylish appearance to your machine.


As an independent unit, the Microcoin QL can be fitted into any top-entry application with ease by virtue of its industry standard size and mounting pin positions.


The Microcoin QL offers : -  Quick Learn TM On Board Programming including :

 - Multi-coin Programming

- Single Coin Programming

- Coin Inhibit

- Coin Enable

-  Universal size - one fits all

-  High speed, multi-coin acceptance up to 10 cps

-  Unique, multi-featured mounting faceplate

-  New, revolutionary coin discrimination techniques

-  Highly critical and unique coin path design which virtually eliminates the possibility of coin jams.

-  Superior all-round performance

-  Maximum fraud coin rejection


The Microcoin QL validator has a patented discrimination technology which allows it to accept up to 12 different coins or tokens at speeds up to 10 cps. The coins travel along a highly engineered coin path which accepts or rejects the coins at speed without compromising the operation of the validator.


Special steps have been taken in the design of the product to maximise coin acceptance and minimise the effects of fraud.


Once a coin enters the validator, it always remains in contact with a control surface during its transition through the validator. Unlike other products, this means that the validator does not lose control of the coin and cause possible poor discrimination or coin jams.


Dimensions:  Validator  Faceplate


 (H) ... 101.5mm                (H) ... 180mm

 (W) ... 88.9mm                (W) ... 65mm

 (D) ... 48.3mm                  (D) ... 117mm (External)      114mm (Internal)

Coin Outputs:  NPN Open Collector, 200 mA

Pulse Width Programmable   (tolerance +/- 3msec)

Power:  12VDC nominal (11.5VDC - 15VDC)

Quiescent Current :  100mA   Peak Current:  600mA    Coin Accept Rate:  10 cps

Inhibit:  2.0v < Vinh < V supply     Alarm output:  Active High/Active Low configurable

Coin Parameters:  Diameter:  17mm - 32mm  Thickness:  1mm- 3.2mm

Coin Acceptance:  12 coins or tokens

Temp Range:  0 degrees C - 50 degreesC








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