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New Investors to the Car Wash Industry


Car Washes can be great investments when optimally located, correctly built, and operated in a first class manner.  Hi-Performance Wash Systems has been helping owner-investors build and operate their car washes for over 50 years.  As a full-service provider, we can help you in finding the right location, bringing architects, engineers and contractors together, and getting your wash up and running.  After opening we help provide training and guidance, supplies, support and technical assistance.  We hope the pages listed in the new investor section provide some insight into what it takes to open a successful wash.


As you go through the New Investor section, you may see an "Eco Express" icon.

Eco Express is an express wash built across the street from our facility by the owners and two other investors.  The Eco Express icon will take you to specific segments related to its development and construction.  These side bars are meant to provide context and reality to the general information we provide on the site.

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