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Past Newsletters from
Hi-Performance Wash Systems

2019 Newsletters

Floorheat leak detection, James Trevino promotion to National Account Manager

2018 Newsletters

New chemical line - NCS Clean Touch, HFI repair kits, Lustra Price Increase MacNeil Edge program, HPWS Becomes RUPES distributor
Xcel rebates for boilers

2017 Newsletters

Unitec credit card system updates SCWA convention
ICA convention, Vending Savings, New Fragrance Trees, Sonnys New Training Campus
Belt conveyors
Central Vacuum System Maintenance, Unitec Technical Support,
Simoniz Manual, Washgear Software Update, Online ordering now available Mammoth dryers, distribution area expansion Unitec trade in offer, Increasing our collective knowledge base

2016 Newsletters

Southwest carwash association meeting, swedgeless hydraulic fittings SCWA events, tunnel light show, self-serve/automatic update Southwest Carwash association convention, ICA convention
Vacuum maintenance, ICA show, spot free rinse tanks Training! Crime alert, Sonnys Open House
Revised labor rates Aromatherapy for car washes Washgear Computer Maintenance, Training Classes

2015 Newsletters

City of Aurora Sales Tax, EMV Cards, Changes at Rowe Changer SWCA convention, Car Wash College SCWA convention
Snow pack update, electronics diagnostic fee, washes for sale, car care world expo, Dennis Kochevar Catapult training courses, washes for sale, new employees Catapult training classes - chemical safety, marketing, hydrominders
SCWA tour, training, upcoming classes SCWA, Citrus Presoak Improvements, Hamilton HV-X Validator Support, Wyoming Route Changes Hydrofluoric Acid warning, drum recycling, delivery changes
Winterization preparation, drum recycling Water pressure variance, Kansas Delivery Date Changes, Race for the Cure Hydraulic tips, better towels

2014 Newsletters

Thermal infrared floor heat camera views SCWA SCWA report
New employees, remodels, ICA report ICA show report.  Wyoming delivery schedule change Car wash LED lighting, XP computer updates, pay station gate marketing ideas, new Breeze Thru in Greeley, Colorado
Water Softeners, backing up your computer, SCWA update, Cat Pumps mobile app Dryer impeller inspections, Wyoming delivery schedule change, SCWA tour, Washworx in Loveland, Colorado SCWA tour, Lustra Update, Preparation for Winter
WCA show, Diamondshine 2X products Social Media Bubble, Fragramatics ePort, Triplefoam Comparisons NFC Near Field communication credit cards, SWCA Colorado meeting, Electronic Renals

2013 Newsletters

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