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Triple Foam Comparison Test Conditions

We wanted to make our test as consistent as possible for each of the chemicals and dilution ratios.  We conducted the testing at a 130 foot long express tunnel running at a chain speed of 150 cars per hour.  The testing was conducted at night so that we would have controlled lighting conditions.  The same car and truck were used for all of the testing, and the photos were taken from the same position for each test.


The products were diluted using Dosatrons, being fed by cold soft water at 45 psi from a repressurization system.  The usage was measured using a scale, accurate to 1 gram.  Volumes were then derived using the specific gravity of each product.  Vehicles were run through using a product at a set dilution ratio.  The ratios where then changed in increments, and the lines purged before the next round of tests.  Between chemicals, the lines were flushed with water, then purged with the new chemical.


Although no test can be perfect, we fill this gives the best possible consistent comparison amongst the products tested.


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