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Timemaster Digital Timers


Timemaster timer and remote controlTimemaster

The state of the art countdown time controller with an on board microcomputer processing thousands of bits of information per second. Timemaster provides precise timing control to assure you and your customers the ultimate in performance and reliability.



Timemaster uses a blue-green vacuum fluorescent display for maximum visibility and to reduce the washed out effect that direct sunlight has on red displays.  The numerals provide easy readability from virtually any location in the bay.  Price to start is displayed when the timer is not in use.  As coins are accepted, the timer displays the balance due to start the wash.  The timer's beeper is sounded with each accepted coin providing the customer with an audible confirmation of operation as well as the visual display. These features keep the customer informed on how much money has been deposited and confirms that each coin is being credited.



Timemaster is housed in a water resistant high impact plastic case and is designed to fit most coin boxes.


Time Readout

Time is accumulated as each coin is deposited.  Total time purchased is displayed after the minimum to start amount has been deposited. Additional time may be purchased at any time during the timer's operation.  For the customer's convenience, the timer does not start until three seconds after the last coin is accepted.  Time is displayed in minutes and seconds.  The display flashes during the last minute of the cycle.


Last Minute Alert

An external horn sounds when one minute remains for the wash cycle.  You can program the amount of time the horn sounds, from 1 to 59 seconds.



Initial programming is accomplished by mode and set switches located on the back of the Timemaster.  The RC-1 is an optional infrared remote controller that permits programming changes, taking counter readings (from the built-in coin counter), testing equipment and bay wash down without coins or test switches.  The "TEST" feature is programmable from 1 to 10 minutes of test time.  A user programmable security code allows operator access to these features.


Changeover Time

Product changeover for low pressure products frequently takes 10 to 20 seconds.  Customer satisfaction can be improved if your timer pauses during product change over.  Timemaster offers this feature for up to 4 different products.  The pause time is programmable from 1 to 59 seconds.


Bonus Time

Timemaster automatically calculates the time per coin through it's menu based programming.  With Timemaster, you can offer "BONUS TIME" which increases the time per coin your customer receives after the initial starting price has been deposited.  Bonus time is programmable from 0 seconds to 4 minutes.


Grace Time

Customers who elect not to add time during the timed cycle will occasionally need more time to finish washing.  The grace time feature will allow restarting the wash with one coin during the grace period.  Grace time is programmable from 0 to 59 seconds.




Timemaster TM-5J Technical Data    (Specifications subject to change without notice)

Input Voltage  24VAC                 Dimensions:  Width 3.25", Height 1 3/4", Depth 3"

Output Voltage  24VAC              Mounting:  Shelf Mounted, secured by wing-nut.  Various mounting shelves available

Horn Voltage  12VDC                 Memory:  EEPROM retains all programming in the event of a power failure

External Coin Counter Voltage  24VAC

Timers:  1 normal operations 1 test operation




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