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One of the chemicals used in automatic and tunnel car washes is triple foam conditioner.  Conditioners have several purposes.  They can provide additional cleaning, provide lubrication for friction washing, and provide a positive visual experience as well as pleasing fragrance.  There are many kinds of triple foam conditioners with a variety of foam and lubricity levels, colors, scents and costs.  It is sometimes difficult to know which is the best for a particular application or personal preference.


We have taken some of the guesswork out of this decision by testing all 4 of our conditioners in a controlled setting.  We tested Diamondshine Sensations 2X, Simoniz Prime Pak Conditioner, CSI Lustra Ultraflex Conditioner and Diamondshine Propak.  Our test was conducted at a 130' long express tunnel under the same conditions for each product.  The goal was to be able to compare the visual effects of each conditioner from both inside and outside of the vehicles.  We did this because the visual effects required are different for express exterior washes where the customer is viewing the foam from inside the vehicle, as opposed to full service washes where customers see the exterior of the vehicle.  Typically the foam color will appear more vivid inside a vehicle compared to being viewed from the outside at a given dilution ratio, due to light transmission, absorbtion and reflectivity.


On these pages, you can look at the results for each product as well as the costs associated.  You can see the results arranged by product, or by dilution rate.  We also have a chart showing the volumes used, subjective scent scale and retail costs per application.



Results by Product

Results by Dilution Ratio


100:1           200:1           300:1          400:1           500:1


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